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Although I was raised among several talented gardeners, it was not until the fall of 1989 that I truly began to take an active interest in my own landscaping. I wanted to create lovely gardens with minimal effort and cost, so I began to educate myself on the many aspects of gardening.

Entry SignAt this point, I was growing mostly all perennials - of all kinds and varieties but in early spring 1992, I focused my attention on a delightful perennial called a daylily. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know and by the first frost of 1992 I had joined the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS), re-arranged a few of my gardens to include several new daylily purchases, and had attempted and completed my first season of hybridizing daylilies. By 1996 I was approved as an AHS Display Garden and annually welcome garden visitors each bloom season to enjoy the exceptional daylily blooms in my various gardens blooming amid the numerous perennials that I continue to grow. Once beyond my first season of hybridizing and all the lessons that resulted, I outlined my hybridizing goals and remain focused in pursuit of those goals. I currently bloom approximately 750 brand new daylilies each season in addition to the Photohundreds that I continue to watch as they progress through my various levels of elimination to fulfill the cultivar goals I am seeking. As of the fall of 2002, I have registered and introduced twenty seven new daylilies, grouped in four collections - The Camelot Collection, The Shelby Series, The Cedarthorn Classics, and Melodies In Bloom. Not to be left out and finding it impossible to avoid the lure of creating a new daylily wonder, my husband, Bobby, is also hybridizing as his time allows and has registered and introduced one new daylily to date.

My interest in daylilies was first triggered by a catalog I received that not only had many enticing photos, but also explained very simply, America's favorite perennial - the daylily. With this in mind, each of my catalogs have had brief explanations of the daylily basics. Now, technology makes the sharing of this information, and all the images that compliment it, even easier and I invite you to browse and enjoy my user-friendly internet site. Be sure to sign my guest book and come back often as new daylilies are always added, the images will be updated frequently, new items will be offered in our gift shop and our bargain page will change as inventory rotates.

Our shipping, guarantee, and return policy: All plants we ship are guaranteed to be freshly dug, healthy, and true to name. If you are not completely happy with your order, you may return it within 24 hours of receipt for a replacement or full refund. We include a bonus plant, generally from our own introductions, with each shipment. We have never had rust however we do watch for it and will post a notice should it appear.
Good Friend and Gardening Partner,
Gina Bishop, making purchases at a
show garden in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

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