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Cedarthorn Gardens is a daylily hybridizing garden & AHS (American Hemerocallis Society) Display Garden. We offer both diploid and tetraploid daylilies, a delightful perennial flower ideal for all gardens and landscape types. From the genus hemerocallis, not the lily or lillium, the daylily, often referred to as hems, can be grown in many climates as the plant habit can be dormant, semi evergreen or evergreen. The actual plant consists of the roots, crown, foliage and scape. The buds or blooms are formed on the scape with various branching patterns and produce a variety of bud counts from just a few to over 50 blooms per scape. The bud count is important as each bud will open for one day only so the more buds that will open the prettier & longer the bloom season. Some daylilies are reblooming and will have a first flush of bloom which can be any time during the summer season, takes a break, then rebloom will start the process all over again thereby extending the bloom season through Spring & Summer to Autumn. Daylilies are available in a variety of forms which include the classic round or flat bagel, spider, unusual or spider variants of crispate, cascade or spaculate types, double, spider double, polytepal, recurved, miniature, & dwarf. Daylilies also come in a variety of patterns which include an eye or eyezone, band, halo, picotee edge, diamond dusting, raised midribs of throat color, and a multitude of ruffle types and widths. The colors are also diverse offering the plain self where both the 3 sepals and 3 petals are the same color, a blend of 2 or more colors, a polychrome which is a blend of 3 or more colors, bitone and reverse bitone where the petals and sepals are different shades of the same color, and bicolor and reverse bicolor where the petals and sepals are two distinct colors. Daylily Display Gardens can be found across the United States and the AHS, which is divided into 15 Regions, offers summer Regionals, or garden tours, and an annual National Convention is offered each summer at peak bloom in a different Region where the very best gardens will be on tour with daylilies as the highlight but are grown amidst many companion plants of annuals, perennials, shrubs, & ground covers in a variety of garden designs or garden layouts - something to appeal to every gardener.

       Louise & Bobby James
P.O. Box 869
Shelbyville, Indiana 46176
CedarThorn Gardens

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